Maybe it’s best not to sign Sam Bradford

There is a lot of talk in Philadelphia about whether or not to resign quarterback Sam Bradford. Bradford presents an interesting case for the Eagles. Bradford is finishing up his $78 million rookie contract. He will enter a free agent market that will have Ryan Fitzpatrick (playing well with the Jets), Kirk Cousins (led Washington to a NFC East title) and Brock Osweiler (looking more like the heir apparent for the Denver Broncos). Both Washington and Denver look as if they will keep both quarterbacks. Even though Fizpatrick has had a good year running the Jets offense, you have to wonder if at some point they consider putting Bryce Petty in to start 2016.  Add the fact that Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III possibly entering free agency, Bradford looks to be a high-priced, highly sought after player in free agency.

Even though the Eagles spent a lot to get him (Nick Foles and a 2nd round pick), the best move may be to let him go in free agency. The Eagles have too many holes right now to fix. I know they say quarterback is the most important piece on any team but it doesn’t matter if he does not have a line to protect him or a defense that can get off of the field. The two guard positions need to be upgraded. Safety Walter Thurmond had a decent season at safety and should be brought back. Defensive lineman Cedric Thorton played well on the defensive line and should also be extended. Vinny Curry is a really good pass rusher but I doubt that he would like to return as a backup in a 3-4 system when he could flourish as a 4-3 edge rusher.

Paxton Lynch and Jared Goff would be good draft options if the Eagles finish in the Top 10 of the NFL Draft. Both would fit the system and both would be cheap.

Sam Bradford showed he was a good leader in the locker room and if he has time, can throw the ball well. The thing that limits him is his mobility, which in turn hinders the running game. The threat of the read-option can hold a defensive end and linebacker with the threat of the run. This helps open running lanes for an offense that had trouble at times with its rushing attack.

Bradford is a good quarterback. He just isn’t the best option for this team at this time.


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